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Full Mouth Reconstruction Experts in Mansfield, TX

If you must rebuild or replace all of your teeth or a large number of your teeth on both the upper & lower jaw, we can provide a full mouth reconstruction. Creekside Family Dental is a trusted expert for full mouth reconstruction, & we have helped many people in Mansfield, TX restore their mouths after significant damage or decay has occurred.

Full mouth reconstruction is a lengthy process that is a combination of numerous procedures & treatments. We know how difficult this process can be for patients, & we believe it is our job to keep our patients informed & supported at all times & help them move through the process as comfortably as possible. There are many different potential causes that will make full mouth reconstruction necessary. Some of the most common causes include: loss or fracture of teeth due to trauma, severe decay, wearing away by acid or grinding, & misaligned jaw & occlusion.

Before we begin the reconstruction, we will do a thorough examination & assessment. We will assess damage to teeth, gums, jaws & temporomandibular joints. Then, we will sit down with you to explain all of the damage, lay out the different options that you have & recommend treatment options.

In almost all cases, full mouth reconstruction is a medically necessary procedure that will preserve & protect your oral health, improve eating & speaking, & restore your teeth & smile. That being said, the extent & nature of your full mouth reconstruction is still up to you, so we will give you all the information possible so that you can make the best decision regarding how to move forward.

Some of the procedures that may be appropriate during a full mouth reconstruction include:


Every full mouth reconstruction is different. As we are explaining to you what we recommend, we will let you know how long we expect the entire process to take. In some cases it may take several months or even years in order to give your mouth time to heal between procedures. Whatever our final timeline looks like, we will do our best to consider your safety & convenience. No one likes going through a long surgical process, but we know you will love your new permanent smile.

If you are considering full mouth reconstruction, please give us a call today. We have the expertise & experience to help you. We will examine & treat your current oral condition, & give you a beautiful new smile. Call 817-473-9501 or use our convenient online form to set up your first appointment!