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Tooth Removal / Extractions

Do You Require Tooth Removal or Extraction?

Though no one ever wants to have their teeth removed, sometimes it is medically necessary to preserve the health of your surrounding teeth & mouth. If your teeth have become infected or suffered damage, your dentist will see if fillings, crowns or other methods can restore & protect your teeth.

In some cases, the tooth cannot be recovered & must be removed. If you need to get a tooth or a group of teeth removed, our team at Creekside Family Dental can help you.

Some reasons why you may need to get a tooth removed include:

  • Crowded mouth
  • Severe infection or risk of infection
  • Gum disease
  • Serious tooth damage

At Creekside Family Dental, we only remove teeth when absolutely necessary. When you do need a tooth removed, we make sure that the process is safe, comfortable & pain free. Before removing a tooth, we will give you a consultation explaining why the tooth needs to be removed.

Before we begin, we’ll apply anesthetic so that you do not feel pain during the extraction. We will decide what type of anesthetic to use depending on the nature of the procedure as well as your health & preference. In some cases, you may need someone to drive you home & watch you for a short while afterwards. In a short time, you will feel back to normal, & you will have much improved oral health.

After removing your tooth, our office will continue to follow up with you to make sure you are recovering quickly & normally. You may want to take ibuprofen or aspirin to manage the mild pain in your mouth. Our dentists will let you know how much you should take, & in a few days, the pain should be gone. If there are any complications or lingering pain, let us know immediately, & we will examine the area where we removed the tooth.

After removing teeth, we can help you replace the gaps in your smile. There are many options such as bridges & dental implants, & we will discuss the advantages & disadvantages of the different types of treatment. Whether we are extracting or attaching teeth, our core concern is your comfort & health. If you think you may need to get a tooth removed, call 817-473-9501 or use our convenient online form to set up your appointment!