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Use Dentures to Comfortably Replace All of Your Missing Teeth

If you have several missing teeth, dentures may be a great option to restore your smile. While bridges & dental implants are effective when you are missing one or a few teeth, dentures are more appropriate when you are missing most or all of your teeth, & at Creekside Family Dental, we can provide you with high quality dentures that will get you smiling again.

If you still have several teeth in your upper or lower jaw, we can provide partial dentures that will secure themselves around your other teeth. If you are missing all of your teeth, we can also provide full dentures that will look natural & allow you to talk completely normally.

Though many believe that dentures are mostly cosmetic, they actually serve critical functions for your oral health & overall health. Without teeth or dentures, you will find it very difficult to chew & digest most types of foods. In addition, when you are missing many of your teeth, partial dentures are very important to preserve the health of your remaining teeth. Filling the gaps in your mouth will prevent tooth movement & deterioration.

High Quality Denture Technology

In the last few decades, dentures have come a long way, & you can now find high quality dentures that will look just like real teeth & help you eat all your favorite foods. When you come to Creekside Family Dental in Mansfield TX, you will not be given a pair of generic dentures that fit poorly & cause irritation in your mouth. We provide dentures that are perfectly fitted to your mouth because not only will they be more comfortable, but they will also make it easier for you to eat.

Implant-Supported & Implant-Retained Dentures

Though conventional dentures are a higher quality than they used to be, implant-supported & implant-retained dentures will give you the most secure & comfortable fit. These dentures are secured by dental implants that are placed directly into your jaw. If you have implant-supported dentures, there will be a small metal bar that will support & hold your dentures in place. Implant-retained dentures use ball-shaped implants that snugly fit into sockets in your dentures.

Implant-supported & implant-retained dentures provide a fantastic & comfortable feel, significantly more secure than conventional dentures. Unlike conventional dentures, there will be no slippage, reducing irritation & making eating any type of food comfortable & natural. In addition, dental implants will attach titanium components that fuse to your jaw. These implants stimulate your bone & prevent deterioration. If you wear traditional dentures, your bone will gradually degrade & visibly change the appearance of your jaw.

Whether you choose implants to protect long term health of your jaw or you decide to get conventional dentures which are easier on the wallet, we can help you find the perfect option. We can also provide you with temporary dentures until you get your permanent ones produced & attached. If you are ready to consider this next step, call 817-473-9501 or use our convenient online form to set up your first appointment!