A travel case with a covered toothbrush with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Seeing the world can fill you with experiences that you’ll never forget. But there’s one memory no one wants to make: finding their toothbrush has been soiled in transit. 

If you’re planning on exploring with your toothbrush packed, it’s good to know the best ways to keep it clean.

Cover It Up

Covering your toothbrush head is important, even if it’s in a clean toiletry bag. While covering it at home may not matter, it is a different story when your toothbrush is up against other objects that could damage bristles, where it could pick up lint, or where sanitation isn’t as well in your control.

Before you do though, ensure that your toothbrush is clean & dry. This will prevent bacteria buildup that could occur if the toothbrush was stored wet. There are several types of covers available. Be sure to get one large enough that the bristles of your toothbrush do not press against the inside of the case.

Once you have gotten to your room, unpack your toothbrush & take the cover off—just in case some dampness is still present—& place it upright to air dry further. 

Bring More Than One

Let’s face it, we probably stretch our toothbrushes too far as it is. But while you’re treating yourself to exotic eats & spectacular sights, why not treat your teeth to a fresh brush?

If you plan on traveling to multiple locations, this is especially handy. Toothbrushes can get left behind at the hotel room or even spilled out onto the train station floor after you forgot to zip your suitcase back up.

The nice thing is, they don’t take up a lot of space, so you can still cram enough other necessities in that you need a friend to sit on your luggage so you can get it closed. 

Storing at the Hotel

It’s unlikely that you brought your toothbrush holder from your bathroom to the hotel & the room may not offer something in that vein. However, keeping your toothbrush elevated off surfaces, especially bathroom surfaces that can be wet, is important. 

Thankfully, a spare coffee cup or other small holder is likely present in your room. You can use these as substitutes for your holder for a few days or you may even be able to ask the front desk staff if they have something. Keeping your toothbrush resting in a way that allows it to dry without touching unclean surfaces can prevent you from unpleasant experiences on an otherwise magnificent voyage. 

If you have oral health concerns about a place you are traveling to, consult your dentist. They can work with you to develop a travel plan that will keep your oral hygiene habits going strong. 






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