Do you think you’re too old for braces? Sure, there’s a few things you hate about your smile, but you’ve learned to live with them. How could you ever wear braces at your age? No one would ever take you seriously.

What is it that you hate about your smile? Maybe it’s crooked teeth that stick out of your smile. Perhaps it’s an unsightly gap between two teeth that makes you embarrassed to show your smile in public. Maybe it’s crowded teeth that make it difficult to brush, and cause you discomfort.

Whatever it may be, you’ve learned to live with it. When you’re speaking in public, you take care to try and avoid showing your teeth. When your child asks you to smile for a photo, you can only give him a little half grin. Even when you’re laughing, you take great care to cover your mouth with your hand.

Sure your confidence has suffered. You’re even more nervous than normal when you meet new people. You feel like you constantly look unprofessional or uneducated because of your teeth. That makes you less confident at work. But you’ve learned to live it.

But is that really anyway to live life? Guess what… you don’t have to live like that anymore! No matter how long you’ve been living with crooked teeth, Invisalign orthodontics may work for you.

At Sanders Family Dental, we’ve helped numerous adult patients remake their smile with Invisalign. If you’re a working adult with crooked teeth, read on to learn four reasons why Invisalign might be the SOLUTION for your smile.

Reason #1: No One Will Notice Your Orthodontic Treatment at Work

Many adults avoid adult braces because they think the brackets and wires will make them look foolish, inexperienced, or even immature. They simply can’t imagine facing their coworkers with a mouthful of metal. They’d just as soon live with an ugly crooked smile then deal with that humiliation.

Invisalign braces are totally different than traditional braces. Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth. These clear aligners are designed to be practically unnoticeable in your smile. That means Invisalign can be your little secret!

Reason #2: Invisalign Won’t Waste Your Time

Traditional braces are effective, but they aren’t the most efficient way to straighten your teeth. Traditional adult braces often require two years or LONGER to be effective. That extremely long treatment time is then coupled with a frequent need for orthodontist appointments and adjustments. How could any adult have time for that?

Invisalign is simply much faster for most patients. Many adults see the results they want in just about a year. Plus you receive several aligners at once, which means more time living life and less time in our office. Invisalign has worked for thousands of working adults, and it can work for you too!

Reason #3: You Know What You’re Investing In with Invisalign

Any sort of orthodontic treatment is an investment in yourself. The cost of Invisalign is comparable to that of traditional braces. But unlike traditional braces, there’s no surprises with Invisalign! Before you even begin treatment, we show you a 3D model of what your smile will look like after you complete treatment. That means you can know exactly what you’re investing your hard earned dollars into!

Reason #4: Invisalign Means Freedom

Invisalign offers much greater freedom than traditional braces. With traditional braces, there’s all sorts of foods you have to limit or avoid eating completely. One wrong bite of steak, crusty bread, or even candy could damage your braces and leave you in pain. That means no Texas barbecue in the summer!

With Invisalign, your aligners are completely removable. You take them off then feast on whatever food your heart desires. You also take off your aligners when it’s time to brush and floss your teeth, helping to prevent any unsightly stains on your teeth. Then if you have a special occasion coming up, you can always remove your aligners for the evening. Invisalign gives you the freedom you need to LIVE your life.

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Are you finally ready to get rid of that crooked smile? Haven’t you been living with it for long enough? Invisalign is a comfortable orthodontic solution, and one that no one will even know that you’re undergoing. Schedule an appointment with your Invisalign dentist at Sanders Family Dental in Mansfield, TX to learn more. You can reach our office at 817-779-7111.

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